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Waterfowl Hunting at I.R.B.

The Hunt- All of our hunts come with the best and friendliest service a hunt club has to offer. Every pit is heated and has easy accessibility. Each hunt will include a ride from the check-in shed to the hunting location. You will hunt over a large decoy spread with ice eaters and mojos. You will also hunt with professional guides and trained dogs. We welcome other dogs, but ask you keep control of them at all time.

The Land - I.R.B. privately owns and leases over 300 acres of flooded corn. For years they have managed and developed the ideal feeding area for ducks, dubbing it as the "Mallard Magnet". The flooded corn are divided into 5 lakes, which are surrounded by large levys that offer easy access to pits.

Duck Hunting Rules- In order to keep the hunt safe and enjoyable, we ask you to follow a few guidelines.

To us, gun safety is a number one priority in the pit. All guns must be unloaded before and after the hunt. Also, all safeties must be on at all times during the hunt. The gun goes up, the safety goes off. Always keep your gun propped up in a safe position. We have gun holders in every pit to stop any gun from falling over.

Our second priority is to stop high shooting. Over the years I.R.B. has managed a no-tolerance of high shooting at their club. Unlike most private hunt clubs or public hunting areas, I.R.B. feels that taking shots at 30 yards or less is the best way to conserve the sport of duck hunting. On an average year the club will kill over 2000 ducks, and 80% of the shots will be less than 25 yards.

If you follow these simple rules when you hunt with I.R.B. your hunt will become a much more safe and enjoyable one.




Yearly Lease - $6000.00

Daily Hunts - $350.00

Lodging: $35.00

Central Zone Season Dates

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