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Illinois Whitetail Bucks


5 Day Bow Hunt, or 3 Day Shotgun Hunt (During our 1st or 2nd gun season) - $2250.00

Season Dates


Deer Hunting at I.R.B.

Along with the goal to offer hunts to the common hunter, I.R.B. has one other main goal. To provide, and maintain the hunting experience in it's purest form. Hand Fed, fenced-in Deer, or planned kills are some things you will NOT find at I.R.B. We try to keep the sport of hunting as pure as it was when our ancestors first started hunting Whitetail in North America. If you take away the element of the fair-chase, it is no longer hunting, and you will lose the authenticity of a tradition.

The Land-Over 1200 acres of deep timber and crop fields are Privately owned or leased by I.R.B. purposely for Deer Hunting. The crops consist of Soy Bean, Corn, Clover, and Alfalfa. Local Veteran Farmers and Hunters plant and maintain the very food plots that I.R.B. uses year-round, ensuring the yield and production of the crops. Since all of the Guides that work for I.R.B. are locals of Calhoun, each has extensive knowledge of the area, and of the deer habits. They have farmed and hunted the land for years, knowing every deer path and bedding area on the land. While hunting for Deer with I.R.B. it will be common to walk over long stretches or up steep hillsides. If you have any health problems, you must take caution before preparing for the hunt.

Illinois Whitetail
Illinois Whitetail Trip

The Deer- Calhoun County has been widely known for it's large deer population, and monster bucks. Over the past years, I.R.B.'s clients have killed many bucks that have weighed up to 300 lbs. with an antler score of over 150+ on numerous occasions.

Deer Camp Rules- While Deer hunting with I.R.B., there are a few guide lines you will need to follow. Below we will walk you through each one for you convenience.

1. Deer Stands

Due to liability reasons, you must supply your own stand. Therefore, if a hunter falls out of it, it will be a personal responsibility of the hunter, and not the hunt club.

2. Buck Management

We have practiced buck management on our land well before we have been offering hunts to other hunters. Our family, along with our prostaff believe that letting the smaller bucks pass, will insure great hunting opportunities for generations to come. While we do encourage hunters to take does, the bucks must be a certain size. Bucks that are taken must have at least 4 points on one side, and score at least 140.

This is to allow the deer to grow and breed with other does, making better, bigger bucks for the next season. Who knows, maybe the buck you harvest with I.R.B. will be the one someone else let go 2 years earlier.

The only people this rule does not apply to are children. Kids who have never harvested a deer, may take any size of deer they like

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